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In the summer of 2007, Jarvis Bradley was engaged in a casual conversation with a local school teacher in Prince George's County, Maryland.  He was totally amazed to learned that many of the children in his surrounding communities were homeless and didn't have back packs and school supplies at the beginning of the school year.


​Compelled to help these students, Jarvis launched his very first back pack drive, "Operation Bac-Pac".  Knowing absolutely nothing about fundraising, he simply asked family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers for donations and was blessed to collect enough monies to purchase 30 back packs complete with all the supplies needed for deserving students.


​Later the same year, Jarvis learned that these same students didn't have coats for the winter.  Again, he leaned on the shoulders of those who helped him earlier that year and was successfully able to collect and donate more than 50 coats to deserving students.


Five years later, Jarvis decided to move forward with his philanthropy and start a non-profit to help not only the students and families in his current community but also the students  and families in his hometown of Forrest City, Arkansas and eventually all over America.

Welcome to j.Bradley Project, Inc. 

The j.Bradley Project is a nonprofit organization created to help children prepared for the upcoming school year.  We conduct three projects/fundraisers throughout the year to ensure students have the necessary supplies and equipment to succeed.​

  • N-T-N (No Thanks Necessary) is our family and community support.

  • Live the DREAM Scholarships (LTD-S) is our scholarship program.

  • Da C.U.T. Factory is our health and wellness initiative coordinated and conducted by Dr. BT Bradley

We believe our projects will increase the academic achievements and self-esteem of children who families struggle with everyday necessities  We also believe that these projects will help clear the path to success for these students!




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